Gender and Fan Studies: Join the Party

I am sorry that there have been so many technical difficulties posting comments on the blog this week. People have been working behind the scenes trying to locate the source of the problems which have sent anti-spam messages to many of you who have tried to post. I can't tell you how frustrated I am by the situation which comes just as I am traveling in Europe with less than ideal internet access and just as we are trying to jump start this conversation about gender and fan culture. In the short run, Kristina Busse has helped to set up an alternative location for us to have the more interactive aspects of this conversation. I will continue to post the main entires here and cross post them at the new space and periodically I will collect comments from the other site and run them in a digest form through the blog. It is a kludge, at best, a cobbled together solution, but it should allow anyone who wants to post to be heard. So, if you are enjoying the Gender and Fan Studies series here, check it out.

Whatever my automated technology may be telling you, I really want to hear what you are thinking about the issues raised by the Gender and Fan Studies series.