DIY Media 2010: Fan Vids (Part Four)

An interview with Counteragent.

Counteragent is a vidder who is not only a fan of media sources, but of fandom and its discourses; she describes herself as a “fan of meta and fandom in general.” Consequently, Counteragent’s vids and artworks tend to be not only about television shows and movies, but about fandom’s responses to them. Her vids “Still Alive” and “Destiny Calling” are featured in the 2010 DIY show.

FC: What was your first vid and why did you make it/?

Counteragent: “Copacabana.” Because there weren’t enough Alias vids, and because I knew Yahtzee would like it.

FC: What do you remember about the experience of making the two vids of yours that are included in the show?

Counteragent: “Still Alive”: the agony! The structure was very difficult to craft. I wanted to criticize both the fandom and the show but ultimately wanted to make a vid about empowerment and squee. Finding that balance was really hard for me with the way the song worked. I really owe my betas on this one, especially Giandujakiss.

“Destiny Calling”: the desperate feeling of falling in love. I’d just met vidding and I was giddy with the flush of infatuation with the craft, the vids, and the vidders. I was shouting my love from the mountaintops.

FC: Have you seen any of the other vids in DIY program?

Counteragent: Yes, all. I’m a big fan. “I’m On A Boat”: Fucking fearless song choice. “Handlebars” is a perfect vid to showcase the power of a vid as critical commentary on the source, especially to nonvidders. Simple but really, really effective. “Women’s Work” is an institution. “Origin Stories” was gutsy storytelling both for the source and for the larger cultural commentary. Also a really great use of a tough song. “In Exchange for Your Tomorrows”: great abstraction. Is “Piece of me” more RPFiction or cultural commentary? Anyway, it’s all good. “How Much is that Geisha in the Window” is scaaaaathing. And I was too dumb to get “Art Bitch” the first time I saw it. Great use of outside graphics.

FC: What’s the best/worst thing about vidding?

Counteragent: Worst: the amount of time it takes. That it’s perceived as worthless by both people close to me and many cultural commentators. Best: the feeling of squee and empowerment. The community.

An interview with kiki_miserychic.

kiki_miserychic is a prolific vidder known for being experimental and for her use of unusual sources (e.g. movie vids, crossovers, etc.) She was the subject of Bradcpu’s first Vidder Profile in August, 2009. Her Star Trek reboot vid “I’m On A Boat” was featured in the 2010 DIY show. The below is an audio interview; click to play!


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