Spring Break….

This is just a notice to my regular readers that I am now officially on Spring break and will return to regular blogging duties in another week’s time. It’s painful to log off now as I have lots of cool ideas planned for this space but my wife and staff are both insisting that I take some down time. Something about all work and no play makes Henry a very dull boy.


  1. Really, you must take more time with your family. You work a lot of.

    But, in a meanwhile, please, write more books as you did last year. In about three weeks I’ve been reading “Fans, bloggers and gamers” and “Convergence culture” (I wrote a comment in my weblog: http://industrias-culturais.blogspot.com/2007/02/cultura-participativa.html). They are fabulous. I would like to know much as you know on videogames. For example, here in Portugal, yesterday new PS3 from Sony was launched. Shops had opened at midnight. At this moment I don’t know how much PlayStations were sold but I think that shops had been empty. Why this kind of success?

    I’ve ordered your older book “Textual poachers”, expecting to receive it next two weeks.

    Be happy.

  2. will miss the Henry smartness, inspiring me over the easter, it’s the opposite for phds, everyone tries to convince us to do more during ‘spring break’, or ‘easter holidays’ as it known is over her, we don’t get to dance with Carmen Electra on some Florida boardwalk, we normally just have wee chocolate eggs and that’s about it. Met you at SCMS in London, handing in my PhD on Supehero Movies this September, have been loving the blog.